Hello, there!

I'm Louis Aeilot

Born in 2007 who code, take photos, film videos. All by avocation. Check the Full Description.

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# Ways to reach me

# Awards

Grade 6 & Before (Till 2019.9)

Never participated in any competitions or I just forgot about them. I started to code in 2015.

Grade 7 (2019.9~2020.6)

  • CSP-J Second Prize
  • Apple Swift Student Challenge [Submited]

Grade 8 (2020.9~2021.6)

Too engrossed in schoolwork, lol. Even forgot to enter for CSP

  • Apple Swift Student Challenge [Submited] (I submitted exactly what I did in Grade 7

Grade 9 (2021.9~2022.7)

OI again!!!

  • CSP-S Second Prize

Grade 10 (2022.9~2023.6)

The start of something new

  • NOIP 2022 First Prize

Grade 11 (2023.9~2024.6)

Trying to do something innovative...

  • NOIP 2023 Second Prize
  • CSP-S 2023 Second Prize
  • China National Talent Program (Tutored by SJTU) Outstanding Performance
  • SITF The International Forum for Scientific Youth - SPECIAL AWARD FROM RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY – MIREA First Prize
  • SITF The International Forum for Scientific Youth - FORMAL SCIENCE Third Prize

Grade 12 (2024.9~)

Getting ready for advancements

  • Wishing...

# Projects

Daily Notes is my first Android project, which offers an elegant way of editing Markdown files. Check it out on CoolAPK Apart from basic features, it also provides additional ones, like the Vault, Live Preview, Multi-Tabs, etc.

ProblemSet is where I store all the solutions to the OI problems I've solved.

GitHub Dark Mode Safari is made for Mr Will, which is a port of his project.

Hexo Theme Paperwhite is customized for my blog, which features minimalist design.

lsnotes displays the .lsnotes file in the current directory. Actually it has endless possibilities remaining to be unraveled!

How To Use Search Engines is a tutorial to search engines targeted at teenagers.

View my GitHub page for more. This is the Evolution Studio site.

Wow, you have so many projects!